You’re Going to Have a Boring AF Tombstone

Disappointed wife!

No one likes to be uncomfortable.

It’s why we sit on our butt for hours every day.

It’s why we don’t butcher our own meat anymore so we don’t need to experience death.

It’s why we hang out with people who have similar opinions — and why we don’t act like buttholes in real life towards the person in the MAGA hat like we do as a keyboard warrior online. (Yeah, we see you over on Reddit’s echo chambers!)

It’s why we “fib” to someone when they ask if their bangs look good instead of using our immense vocabulary to be honest but gentle …

…as well why we run away from criticism instead of growing from it.

We’re soft.

Like Play-Doh.
Or unlike LEGOs.
Or like a man over 50 with high cholesterol sitting on the edge of his bed with a very disappointed wife in the background.

There isn’t anything wrong with being soft. I’m not saying that, at all!

But, too muchcomfortability is a one way ticket to mediocrity…

Elon Musk worked (and still likely does) 100+ hour weeks forming Zip2. He and his bro, Kimbal, rented an office and slept on a couch. They showered at the Y, for pizza’s sake.

Teddy “The Greatest President the USA Ever Had” Roosevelt had asthma and other health problems. “I was a sickly, delicate boy who suffered much.” He frequently mentions how he had to gasp for air.

Instead of shying away, being a victim, or accepting his fate, Teddy took on “The Strenuous Life.”

He hunted. Climbed mountains. Chopped down trees. Swam in rivers.

In fact, he did so much that he changed his body and overcame the illness.

As another fun story, Teddy was shot in the chest…

…and then proceeded to give a 90 minute speech with a bullet inside him.

These men — and many others in history — were certainly exceptional. Unusual. Paragons.

They won’t/don’t have boring tombstones.

You nor I will probably never ascend to their heights in our respective arenas (don’t argue).
But, just because you can’t be the .01% of the .01% isn’t an excuse to let yourself go.

You can always be better…

…Be a better husband.
A better father.
A more reliable friend or colleague.
Maybe a locally respected tour guide or craftsman.

Or perhaps even the most fluent coder at your company.

You can always do better and be better.

So quit letting yourself be so comfortable…

…Get off your butt an extra 10 minutes today, 11 tomorrow, then 12 the next learning a new skill.
Go to the gym and be giggled at for failing to bench press enough (which, by the way, people at the gym like your effort and will embrace you — not ridicule you).
Get up early and try to make your wife some dang pancakes — or have her teach you so that you can!

Don’t be so soft.

Don’t be so comfortable.

Don’t die unfulfilled.

What are you going to do better today so that you’ve got a cooler tombstone?



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