Your Body, Your Choice

Lucas A. Davidson
2 min readOct 9, 2023

Daily Meditation 591–10/9/2023

“To be honest…I’m not interested in you because…w-well…I think you’re too overweight for my taste.”

“You are not a great friend, to be honest. You’re a Narcissist. You constantly bum money and scarcely pay it back. You need to get over yourself.”

“Why don’t you go see a professional? I’m worried about your drinking problem — really. Please see someone!”

“I’m only trying to help you.”

If you’ve ever been in one of these positions, how does it feel?

I hurts. A lot.

You feel angry.

And what is the thought that crosses your mind?

“It’s all their fault I feel like this.”

They’re insensitive.

It all falls on them, how you feel.

As if they need to control themselves.

Now, turn the tables:

“You’re not tall enough for me to even consider dating you!”

“I’m sick of you going out with them and never asking me to come with. You’re inconsiderate.”

“You’re not a good parent, you know, when you act like that.”

How do you feel, now, when they react negatively back at YOU?

“Well — it’s not my fault they got butthurt and misunderstood. I’m only trying to help them.

So, which is it?

Who is in control of how you feel?

That’s right — just you.

The concept of “My body, my choice” extends beyond the common “political” arguments into philosophy as well, because guess what:

Your mind is part of your body.
Only you can control how you perceive how others act and speak to you.

If you determine them and their words to be cutting or racist or sexist or hurtful…

That’s on you.

And here’s the best part — some people really are genuinely bad and hurtful people. Not many, but they do exist.

You can decide to make their intentionally racist, sexist, hurtful, cutting, nasty comments mean nothing as you and you alone control your perception.

You hold no control over others.
You hold all control over your perception.

So, what’ll you decide to be?

The victim?
Or, the shrugger-off-er who will sleep soundly, forgetting the day?

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