Waste of Breath

Lucas A. Davidson
2 min readJan 28, 2023

Daily Meditation #338–1/28/2023

“Excuse me, yes — this crepe only has 11 bits of chocolate shavings? Last time I was here it was 13. And the time before that it was 12. I would like to speak to your manager about this negligence.”

It’s incredibly easy to get in the bad habit of complaining.

Ask any of my friends or loved ones — I’m notorious for it! Because it’s addictive.

You’re running late because something outside of you — slow drivers, a failed alarm.
Your lunch was no good because the cook messed up your order.
Your kid brought home an F, and now you and your spouse are coming to a boil.

LIFE presents us with plenty of things to complain about.

But, remember this simple reframe:

Life is circle with all of us on it.
Some — the newborns — are at the start. Others — those dying — are at the end.
While one is living, one is no longer living.

That is to say that you complain all you like about life, but remember someone out there is leaving their life and would probably trade away all their money and belongings just to take on your life with all your complaints about it.

We don’t know where we’re at on the circle. Maybe you’re travelling it very fast because you’ll be no longer living much younger. Or perhaps you’re travelling slowly and have ample time.
But, either way, most things we (and I!) complain about with life are really worth just letting go of.

Life’s short. It’s hard and full of annoyances and inconveniences.
But, you’ll be out of life soon enough.
May as well enjoy.



Lucas A. Davidson

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