The Human Body

1 min readMar 14


Daily Meditation #383–3/14/2023

Fitness “influencers” would have us believe we need to know which part of the cell is the powerhouse.

The human body really is an incredible machine.


You name it, it just “knows” how to do what’s best for you (and it?), usually.

Even if we try to “micromanage” it with specific dietary intakes — based on ideology or otherwise — we often will still end up coming up short of what it craves and needs.

It’s almost like it knows what it’s doing!

We must take care of our bodies.

Move enough.
Go to the gym to do resistance training, if you’re able.
Get in the steps — every day.

Eat well.
A balance of animal proteins, leafy greens (and veggies in general!), and fruits and dairy.
Minimize processed garbage, carbs, and sweets.
Drink your water.

Care of our body is far easier than YouTube and Tiktok stars would have us believe.

You don’t need expensive supplements.
You don’t need crazy diets.
You don’t need to do HIIT cardio daily or set PRs every week at the gym.

But, you do need to do something.

What will you do, today?

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Daily philosophical meditations on Eudaimonia. These are distillations from the forthcoming book on the topic.