Sacrifice, Success, Cost

Lucas A. Davidson
2 min readMar 15


Daily Meditation #384–3/15/2023

For some of us some days this could be success. The willpower to lift our head off the pillow.

What will “success” cost you?

What defines “success” for you?

For some of us, success might just be getting out of bed after the death of our father, spouse, or child.

Others, maybe success is finally making a million after working towards it for a decade.

Yet others of us, perhaps success is our teenager listening to us about dating and friends.

What will success cost us?

Sometimes it’s a sacrifice.

We want to have a better life less on the edge of our bank account, so we quit smoking weed, quit drinking so much, and try to ease into a 9–5.

We want to live long enough to see our grandkids, so we start eating “yuck” brussels sprouts, drinking smoothies, and lifting heavy stuff, even if we don’t necessarily enjoy those things.

We want to own a multinational business worth billions, leading tens of thousands of people, so we wait to marry, have children, or relax for decades — maybe forever.

“Success” will look different for all of us every DAY and every year.
It will also take different sacrifices and cost us in different ways.

What is “success” to you? What are you willing to pay for it? How long can you wait?

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Lucas A. Davidson

Daily philosophical meditations on Eudaimonia. These are distillations from the forthcoming book on the topic.