Proud of You Pt. I

Lucas A. Davidson
3 min readNov 27, 2023

Daily Meditation 639 – 11/27/2023

Another addition to the YouDaimonia “Series” such as the Death Meditations and Gratitude Meditations. The “Proud of You” series is intended to paint a picture of some of the incredible, overwhelming situations we overcome and still do not allow ourselves to be changed for the worse!

She was your high school sweetheart. It was absolute “textbook” romance.

One day she was at her locker, surrounded by her friends and you, tired of “being a loser” and being filled with fear decided, instead, to be bold and brave. You puffed up your chest, swallowed that terror of rejection and marched straight up to her — right in front of her popular friends — and asked the question:

“I-I-I was just wonde…well, was hoping you…you might go to a movie with me…?”

You sort of vomited up the question with a single, anxiety-ridden breath instead of suavely, coolly asking it.

But, it worked. She giggled a little but said “Yes.”

And the rest is, as they say, history. You and her hit it off. Your awkwardness and her effortless beauty made you the quirky pair, and soon after graduating, you married and had a few children.

Many years have now passed.

You’ve chubbed up a little. Your hair is graying as you hit your mid-30s. Your wisecracking humor has only grown more crass. You’ve still got the same job (although promoted a few times!) and have given your family a comfortable life.

However, somewhere under the surface just outside of your ability to detect, your wife of now of 15 odd years has become cold. Distant. Petulant.

One day, maybe a year prior, she sprung a divorce on you. The papers were neatly filled out and signed with the care of someone who had help and knew what they were doing. It felt like your head was going to spin right off your neck, the surprise was so great…

All these many years she has been sleeping around. Her close high school friend. His cousin. One of your best friends. Your own brother

So much rage. So much jealousy. So much agony.
You are topfilled with emotions these past months as you cope through it and navigate the divorce.



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