Out of Your League

Lucas A. Davidson
4 min readNov 28, 2023

Daily Meditation 640–11/28/2023

You’ve probably heard the expression “She’s out of your league,” or “He’s.”

Well, YOU personally haven’t heard it directed at you. This is because I know I’ve got the best looking readers in the world…

But you’ve certainly heard it before. A young man (or woman) pines and pines for a specific woman — “She’s actually funny and has a great attitude!” or “Her body is just…ughhhhh so perfect” etc. — but there’s simply no way she would likely consider him. (Although, as he and she age, she may change her mind!). And thus, his BFF guffaws, jabs him in the ribs and tells him “Hah, you’ve got a snowball’s chance in Hell, mate. She’s hot. Popular. Not you, though. She’s out of your league.”

And isn’t it an interesting point how things just never are fair in life? And they never have been, never will be, and really ought not to be — after all, if everything were fair, then where would we get motivation to be better?

But, today’s Meditation isn’t about fairness.

It’s about gratitude (again) and perception (again).

While many of us won’t land a “perfect 10” partner (statistically impossible), many of us can and do land perfect 10 “out of our league” other things for which we don’t show and cannot show enough gratitude for.

Some of us get the “out of our league” financial situation. We budget very well and strictly. We spend a great deal of time learning about finances, investing, trading, economics and more to try to enhance that part of our lives.

Some of us get the “out of our league” career. We’ve got a great boss who mostly leaves us alone, giving us latitude to manage ourselves. Maybe we’ve got wonderful pay and benefits. We’re appropriately recognized for our achievements. We work with engaged and intelligent coworkers. We’re given flexibility to go to our kids’ sporting events or other outings.

Some of us get the “out of our league” relationships. We have a wonderful spouse who loves to cook or clean or bake. They enable us and motivate us. We’ve got a healthy intimacy, regardless of the number of years wedded or how many children we’ve had. Or maybe they work really hard to afford us that which we’ve never had.



Lucas A. Davidson

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