My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad

Daily Meditation — 5/5/2022
Physical Wellness and Spirituality Segments of YouDaimonia

Every day you scroll through different media platforms and sigh to yourself;

“Why does he have better genetics and is more fit than I?”
“How come she and her husband have a baby and I don’t?”
“What gives — this guy gets a hot babe girlfriend and I am emptyhanded?”
“How come they get all the sales — I’m working so hard!”

Even all the way back to school — “They got an A and I got an B+”

Do they all “Deserve it?”

Maybe. Maybe not…

But, regardless — Irrelevant!

First of all, life isn’t fair. Get that idea out of your mind. “Fair” is a perception, and if you’ve been here a while, you know perception is flawed, and only you can control yours. Fix your perception, fix your life.

Just like you feel superior when someone else is “status quo” compared to you by your perception, you feel inferior when someone else is buffer, richer, more successful or happier than you…or so you perceive them to be.

All that matters is how you answer this:

“Am I a better person today compared to who I was yesterday?”

Better in being a bit smarter.
Better in being a bit more financially stable.
Better in being a bit fitter.
Better in being a bit more aware of my gratitude.

If it’s “Yes,” then you’re far richer than anyone.

Focus on you. Focus on your perception. Focus on a life of gratitude.
All these will bring you plenty and help you on the lifelong journey of Eudaimonia.

Follow for daily philosophical meditations.

These are distillations from my coming book “YouDaimonia: the Ancient Philosophy of Human Flourishing.”



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Lucas A. Davidson

Lucas A. Davidson

Born and raised a Yooper, I write daily philosophical meditations on Eudaimonia. These are distillations from my book on the topic!