I Deserve It — Fame, Riches, Sex

Lucas A. Davidson
4 min readNov 12, 2023

Daily Meditation 225— 11/12/2023

“I deserve this promotion and raise. Much more than anyone else!”
“I deserve to be paid this living wage and union protection.”
“I deserve this child support.”
“I deserve to take a sick day off.”
“I deserve to have a beautiful spouse, not some 5 out of 10!”
“I deserve to be rich, to be famous…”
“I deserve to be fit and attractive.”

Such entitlement abounds — in all of us.

While you (or I) may not feel “entitled” to any of these specifics, we certainly have many things in our lives we feel entitled to.

Maybe you’re unattractive. You’re overweight, have bad skin, bad eating habits, have no personality, and don’t make much money…
Yet you feel you (and maybe everyone!) “deserve” or are entitled to an attractive mate.

Maybe you’re poor. You’ve got common skills, no drive or ambition, overindulge in alcohol and drugs regularly, and don’t volunteer or give back…
Yet you feel you(and maybe everyone!) “deserve” or are entitled to riches and wealth (however one defines whatever that is…)

Maybe you’re stuck in an “entry job.” You show up precisely on time, never stay late, never do more than is asked, and don’t go “above and beyond,” doing the minimum of your job description…
Yet you feel you (and maybe everyone!) “deserve” or are entitled to that juicy promotion.

You (and I!) “deserve” absolutely NOTHING. We are entitled to exactly zero in this life.

A squirrel or dove doesn’t wake up in the morning feeling “deserving” of or entitled to living. It probably hopes it survives another day, just as it hopes it can scrounge up enough calories in nature…
but it feels no entitlement to living free of slathering maws nor raking talons.

So very much of our misappropriated sense of deserving and entitlement comes from this little feeling we call expectation. We expect to be paid well, to be promoted, or to be said “yes” to for a date, and then…



Lucas A. Davidson

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