Education and YOU!

2 min readMar 23


Daily Meditation #391–3/23/2023

To be frank, the person on their phone probably isn’t missing anything terribly useful.

What did school teach you?
University, too?

Did it teach you how to think?

Or did it teach you WHAT to think?

When you speak with your knowledge, is it YOUR knowledge? Your synthesis of thoughts?

Or are you reciting the talking points of the “pocket card” you were given?

Education, insofar as I can tell, is about enabling and being enable to think for yourself and to think critically about things.

To be able to see any and all sides equally, assigning their pros and cons while simultaneously remaining independent and being able to hold your own thoughts and opinions.

You must be unafraid.
Other views and information won’t bite you or harm you.

If we are afraid of our ideas and knowledge being challenged by others, causing us to actively avoid it, then you enable your own ignorance.

And many reading this will say “Yes! This is so true — Other Side XYZ is so prone to this!”

…but I guarantee “Other Side XYZ” is insisting the same about your “side” as well.

Education, honestly (and unfortunately) needs to be taken into our own hands.
We cannot expect others to come along and educate us on anything at all, let alone in our best interests.

So — do you know how to think?
…Or what to think?

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Daily philosophical meditations on Eudaimonia. These are distillations from the forthcoming book on the topic.