Eating for Life

Lucas A. Davidson
1 min readJan 29, 2023

Daily Meditation #339–1/29/2023

I couldn’t go the rest of my life without pizza. And you shouldn’t either. BUT! We can probably opt to eat it a bit less often and maybe in smaller portions.

As discussed through the book and many of these meditations, we often choose behaviors that act out our beliefs that we will live forever.

Instead of every day eating in order to live to 100…
We eat as if we are destined to live to 100.

Instead of mostly eating well, we mostly eat poor.

Instead of eating just a bit less at every opportunity, we opt to see if we can squeeze in a bit more.

It doesn’t mean you need to only drink kale smoothies with oat milk, chia, and take it with a cocktail of vitamins for each and every meal. And it also doesn’t mean we can never enjoy a pizza (maybe even a whole one), a donut, or a bunch of fried, Wisconsin cheese curds…

We just need to remember it is the millions of small marbles that fill the Empire State Building that is our life — the millions of small choices we face.

A second donut. The large fries. The Taco Bell instead of leftovers. The nap instead of a walk. And so on.

We don’t need to make every good decision.
Just more of them, especially with out diet and movement!



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