Ain’t Nobody Thinkin’ Bout You

Lucas A. Davidson
2 min readMay 22, 2023


Daily Meditation 451–5/22/2023

I literally tried searching “cool person” before finding this.

Your concern about how “cool” you look or sound…
Your worry about how “fashionable” you are, how trendy…
Your anxiety over protecting your reputation by “falling in line” with current, popular ideas…

Nearly no one is thinking about you.

They don’t really consider how “cool” you appear.
They don’t really consider how trendy or fashionable you are.
And they don’t really consider how “in line” your opinions are.

Your worries about appearing foolish, outdated, uninformed, popular or whatever is your ego — your Narcissism — taking hold of the reins and steering your decisions.

Pursuing this path may in the short term bring you little complements, free things, or passive gratifications like sex or attention…

But it is not real.

Everyone is mostly focused on themselves and have little energy to “think” about you or anyone else — because most of them, too, are Narcissistic.

Do your best to just follow your own Eudaimonia.

Be physically well with good food and enough movement.
Be spiritually well, depending on what spirituality means to you.
Be well in your relationships, being caring and listening well to those around you.
Be financially well, minding a sound budget and learning to prepare.

Just improve the self and remember you are very probably not on others’ minds.

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