Detective Pikachu searching for clues. Property of The Pokémon Company and Warner Brothers

I keep seeing this PIKA crypto being touted as THE next meme coin.
Disclaimer — I don’t have any and don’t intend on getting any.
Before I start a little deep-dive, let me say why I won’t:

Now, let’s play Detective Pikachu and take a peek-at-chu, PIKA! …

I’ve been a casual (and not so casual) Destiny player since shortly after the initial release of Destiny 1. It has certainly been a wild and bumpy rollercoaster of bugs, nerfs, cool lore, occasionally “lost in the action” storytelling, and fun to use/not fun to get killed by weapons (looking back at you, Destiny 1’s Thorn).

The recent decision to sunset a very considerable chunk of the game — namely a swath of hard-fought for gear as well as dozens of activities across multiple playlists — has caused a very negative outcry from millions of players around the world and…

For the uninitiated, Warmane is a World of Warcraft private server that enjoys — and has enjoyed — a large population for the better part of over 6 years. One server is continuously capped at 12,000 players with a login queue. If you’re a WoW fan, you know that the whack-a-mole operation to shut down private servers from the owner of Retail WoW, Blizzard, has been an ongoing struggle for them for the entirety of the game’s existence. And if you’re a WoW private server player, you also know the majority of private servers a firstly, a buggy mess, and…

The Wrath of the Lich King login screen

The immortal phrase “how hath the mighty fallen” came to mind within my first hours attempting to return to my once (and arguably still) favorite game of all time. World of Warcraft.

I used to be a WoW addict. In the sense of the definition of an “addict,” I would frequently log in on my days off of work at 4am and play all day well into the evening, occasionally kipping away to have a walk with my former SO or to grab a snack. On work days, I frequently fantasized about the game and occasionally even had a pocket…

Lucas A. Davidson

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