1000 Days

2 min readMar 17


Daily Meditation #386–3/17/2023

What can we accomplish in 1000 days?
Well, quite a lot.

It’s nearly 3 years.

You can introduce many changes into your life.

Learn a language and start a new life overseas.
Become a parent, helping them to walk and talk, and maybe, learn some some alphabet.
Begin a martial art.
Put on (or lose) an incredible amount of muscle (or fat).
Learn to paint, graphic design, or to dance.
Go from never running at all to running marathons.

In 1000 days, it’s incredible what we can do.

Many of us either encourage ourselves or encourage others to live every day like it’s our last — “YOLO,” or “You Only Live Once,” as the kids say.

And certainly as we often discuss in death meditation, we are absolutely dying and very well could end up dead tomorrow from an aneurysm (as someone who lives alone, the thought of choking to death crosses my mind).

But this doesn’t mean to get drunk and stoned every day.
We shouldn’t lead our life for debauchery, drunkenness and general hedonism.

I like to remember the 1000 days.

Out of these 1000, how many do I want to play video games?

10 days?

Read? 10? 100?

Napping? Do I want to sleep an addition 5 days? 10?

It helps us to keep some perspective to remember our 1000.

How many days of your 1000 do you want to get drunk? And remember, hangover days count!

How about learning to write?
To play violin?

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Daily philosophical meditations on Eudaimonia. These are distillations from the forthcoming book on the topic.